Readers ask: How To Remove Chinese Food Stain From Clothes?

Blot the Stain With Soap and Water Mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with two cups of cold water. Use a clean cloth to blot the stain until all liquid is absorbed. Repeat until the stain disappears.

How do you get Chinese stains out of clothes?

Just mix one tablespoon of liquid dish washing detergent with a tablespoon of white vinegar and around half a litre of cold water, then apply the solution to the stain with a clean cloth. Use a sponge to soak up the excess liquid, if there is any.

What is the hardest stain to remove from clothing?

But for these 8 hardest and stubborn stains to remove, you would be needing more than that to get rid of them.

  • Hot Cocoa.
  • Poop.
  • Blood.
  • Permanent Marker.
  • Tomato Sauce.
  • Grass Stains.
  • Red Wine.
  • Chocolate.

How do you remove tough food stains from clothes?

What you should do is:

  1. Sprinkle both sides of the fabric with flour, cornstarch, or talcum powder to remove as much fat as possible then let it sit for 30 minutes.
  2. Shake off the excess powder then rub gently with mild dish soap and rinse under hot water.
  3. Repeat the process as needed until the stain is gone.
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Does soy sauce come out of clothes?

As soon as you can, spot treat the soy sauce stain by directly pouring liquid laundry detergent onto the blemished area. Let it sit on the stain for around 10 minutes and then rinse using cold water before washing.

What removes soy sauce stain?


  • Prepare a tub with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Dab additional dish soap directly onto the stain.
  • Apply household hydrogen peroxide to the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing.
  • Use a colorfast bleach in the laundry cycle. Check for success before moving the garment to the dryer.

How do you remove soy sauce from clothes?

Mix one part liquid laundry detergent, three parts distilled white vinegar and five parts cool water. Apply to the stain by dabbing with either a brush or a microfiber cloth, working the solution completely into the stain. Allow the solution to sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Are food stains permanent?

Just be sure that the stain is completely gone before you dry it. If not, the butter may set in permanently! For a busy cook, food stains may be inevitable-but they’re not impossible to remove. Thanks to these genius tips, the next time you encounter a food stain, you’ll spend less time worrying and less time cleaning.

Is baking soda a stain remover?

If you use 1 cup of baking soda, you’ll only need 1/2 a cup of water. This pasty mixture can be applied to stained clothing before laundering. A baking soda paste helps draw the stain out of the fabric to be trapped and held in the baking soda. As the paste dries, it removes the stains.

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Does Sunlight Soap remove stains?

Get rid of stubborn stains Pre-treat it with a good rub of the sunlight soap before it goes into the wash. It also works well for collars and cuffs of shirts and even on carpet stains.

How do you get a sauce stain out?

Possible agents include hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar applied with a sponge. You can also use lemon juice on white fabrics. Rinse well. Repeat with detergent followed by mild bleaching agent until the stain no longer appears.

What is the fastest way to remove stains from clothes?

Apply isopropyl alcohol to the stain and blot with a clean napkin or cloth, according to Good Housekeeping. You might want to place a paper towel under the fabric to prevent the alcohol from soaking through. You should see the stain start to dissolve almost immediately.

How do you remove stubborn food stains?

To lift away as much of the stubborn fat as possible, sprinkle flour, talcum powder, cornstarch or artificial sweetener on both sides of the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Shake off the powder and you should see that the stain is gone or at least faded.

Does white vinegar stain clothes?

Vinegar doesn’t usually stain clothes, but it is acidic, so you shouldn’t pour it directly onto clothing without first diluting it. If you don’t have a laundry detergent compartment in your washing machine, mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with a cup of water before pouring it onto your clothing.

How do you get brown sauce out of clothes?

Blot stain using a clean, white cloth dipped in warm water with a very small amount of dish washing detergent — a few drops to a half-cup of water should do. Move to a clean part of the cloth as the barbecue sauce transfers to it. Blot repeatedly with a clean dry towel to remove as much moisture as possible.

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What is a good stain remover?

Stain Removers

  • OxiClean MaxForce Spray.
  • OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover Spray.
  • Shout Triple-Acting Spray.
  • Spray ‘n Wash Laundry Stain Remover Spray.
  • Spray ‘n Wash Max Spray.
  • Shout Advanced Action Gel Liquid.
  • Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release.
  • Persil ProClean Stain Fighter.

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