How Many Calories In One Cup Chinese Black Pepper Pork?

Region: US

Serving Ingredient Calories
68.04 grams pork shoulder 199
0.3 tbsp rice wine vinegar 1
3/5 gram salt
0.9 gram sesame oil 8


Is black pepper high in calories?

One teaspoon of black pepper contains: Calories: 6. Protein: 0 grams.

How many carbs are in 1 cup of Chinese pork fried rice?

Pork fried rice: 354 calories One cup (198 grams) of fried rice with pork contains ( 3 ): Calories: 354. Protein: 15 grams. Carbs: 55 grams.

Is black pepper good for weight loss?

Black pepper, which can turn dull dishes into lip-smacking, can help you shed weight. Black pepper is loaded with Vitamins A, C, and K, minerals, healthy fatty acids and works as a natural metabolic booster which makes it a storehouse of uncountable health benefits, including weight loss. It also contains piperine.

How many black pepper should I eat a day?

There is no harm including it in your diet, but make sure to consume it in moderation. Do not have more than 1-2 teaspoon of black pepper every day. Having it in excess can have multiple side effects.

How many calories are in Chinese food?

Many entrées have 1,000 to 1,500 calories (not counting the 200 calories in every cup of brown or white rice). Share or ask for a doggie bag. hen it comes to eating out, Americans love Chinese.

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Is Chinese pork fried rice healthy?

Is Pork Fried Rice Healthy? Pork fried rice is not generally healthy when you order it at a restaurant but it can be healthy when you make it at home. This recipe certainly is because that’s what we’re all about at A Sweet Pea Chef! At the end of the day it all boils down to the ingredients you use.

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